EsotericFrench (esotericfrench) wrote in okcupidlolz,

While he's at it will he offer to enlarge my penis?


(If you click on the entry you can actually see his ridiculous emoticons).

Hello beautiful 😍. How are you doing? I'm just curious. 😇 It's new year 2015. Do you want someone different for a change or do you want to stay single and date all shades of the 🌈 but can't settle down cause guys just want sex and have 1 way minds👎. Seriously. What do you desire to find? I'm one of a few serious good men on god's green earth. I'm straight forward, keep it 💯 and actually want to settle down and live life with 1 woman. Keep it 💯 with me. Do you want to settle down and be with one man or do you enjoy just being used and treated like an average female. If you're on Cupid then you must want a serious man, right? Or wrong? Look forward to a reply from you. Zeid

I especially like this line: "do you enjoy just being used and treated like an average female."

Because that doesn't reek of misogyny.
Tags: creepy, dumb line, form letter, what?
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