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The OKCupid stalker sketch-a-thon support group community!

The OKCupid stalker sketch-a-thon support group co
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This community is a support group for people on OKCupid and other online dating communities to share ridiculous or offensive communications sent to them online. You can post messages because the person sending them is an idiot, because the person is offensive or racist, because the person is crazy, scary or a pervert, or for any other reason you think that the post will be entertaining.

Additionally, we use this community to post warnings about stalkers, hackers and guys who will try to coerce you into meeting and or having sex with them. This happens way too often. By having these warnings and information available to us, it can increase internet safety.

And even if you don't have a profile, you can still join and help commiserate.

Rules (not in effect for many older entries - do not use older entries as an example):
1. DO NOT TROLL. Feel free to make fun of the featured jerks in the entries but do not make fun of other community members. You may call people out for the purpose of intelligent dialog, but trolling and unnecessary drama will get you blocked. Do not post links to other members' LJs without permission.
2. MOD (esotericfrench) HAS ABSOLUTE POWER. I generally make a point of letting people exercise free speech in the entries and comments but I reserve the right to block people and delete entries that go too far, violate these rules, can jeopardize our standing with LJ or that are ridiculously annoying.
3(a) - Someone is only considered worthy of public shame if s/he has actively done something malicious, frightening, perverted, racist etc. Merely being unattractive, poorly dressed, a little dumb, bad at spelling, etc. does NOT merit public shame.
3(b) - When someone does not deserve public shame, do not post his/her photos to this community
3(c) - When someone does not deserve public shame, do not post his/her screen name with a public privacy setting. This should have the community members only privacy setting or the screen name should be redacted.
3(d) - You MAY use the public setting for any reason if the person's screen name is redacted or if the person deserves public shame. You MAY directly quote a person's correspondence or profile word for word if the proper redaction/privacy setting is used.
5. DO NOT POST CONTENT THAT IS IRRELEVANT TO THIS COMMUNITY'S STATED PURPOSE. I am willing to be liberal with this if you post something that doesn't quite fit but may nevertheless be of interest to the community (ex, an article on strange online dating behaviors, real life crazy dating stories that don't involve the Internet, discussion of stalkers and domestic violence issues that may benefit the community). What isn't acceptable is content that is intended to advertise or self-promote, chastise community members, purely show off your own dating prowess, or otherwise cause drama, etc.